City Bay residential complex is located on the Moscow River – from the south the site passes directly to the seafront. The location of the site and the specifics of its configuration determined the master plan of the project and the basic principles of the formation and spatial organization of the complex. The long-lasting nature of the site was defined by the main planning principle – permeable neighborhoods built along the public boulevard and divided by semi-private alleys.   The architecture of the complex is a dialog of the city and nature, high-rise and flat landscapes, dynamic rhythm of life and calm flow of the river. This can be seen in the variable height of the neighborhoods, rising from the river to the city, and in the different materiality of the blocks – from dense “natural” materials like brick and stone to lighter glass and metal. The overall structure of the complex is a hybrid axial scheme, built on the interaction of the dominant and the hierarchy of different spaces: public, semi-private, and private.   The wide boulevard, which connects the two groups of high-rise towers in the west and east, is the central axis of the complex, where there are children’s playgrounds, recreation areas and a recreational area with sculptures, promenade and park. This is where the main commercial premises enter, creating additional points of attraction for the residents. Cross-section alleys between neighborhoods operate “buffer” zones, here the principle of mixed function is manifested, places for work, housing and rest – children’s playgrounds of kindergartens and educational centers are adjacent to quiet recreation areas, open spaces for co-working and sports grounds.   The neighborhoods themselves combine the privacy of a closed courtyard with the permeability of a porous city structure. The gaps between the hull and the arches create a complex spatial scenario, opening a perspective on the neighboring yards and the boulevard, and at the expense of the lower south height, the yards remain sunny without causing a feeling of enclosed space. At the same time the perimeter character of the building will be organized by separate Quiet neighborhoods, with their special environment and character.   Identification within the complex is ensured by the individual solution of facades and improvement for each residential quarter. For example, the plastic of the first and second yard buildings is a metal skeleton filled with brick – but the character of this membership varies from yard to yard. At the same time, all facades combine a common scheme of different material density: the low (S) chassis use brick, the medium height (M/L) section is made with a high metal prevalence, and the high towers (XL) are faced with metal and glass. This makes low buildings more tangible and high volumes dissolve, reflecting the sky and surrounding buildings.   Real-time progress: Webcam 1, 2, 3

MR Group
land area
11,8 ha
555 000 sq. m
250 m
Grekov Ivan Gleb Alfimov Pavel Lavrov Evgeniy Makarov Anna Oitsus Nina Plutinskaya Konstantin Prokopchenko Irina Safonova